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The Arcep wants to clean the cupboards...

Another thorn in the side of the digital infrastructure sector is customers' end connections to fibre optic cable. Indeed, there is growing discontent with the disruptions observed in the sharing points and the threat they pose to the sustainability of networks. Called upon to intervene more frankly, the Arcep is finally taking matters into its own hands to do something about the "noodle dishes".


At the Telconomics conference on 16th June, the Regulatory Authority said it was "extremely concerned" by the multiplication of these aberrations. To remedy this, the telecoms regulator has therefore published a "first roadmap" drawn up in consultation with the players in the sector. The objective is to give infrastructure operators the possibility to better control interventions on their networks. They will thus be able to report, or even deregister, unscrupulous subcontractors mandated by commercial operators.


Sébastien Soriano, President of the Authority, explains that the aim is to "prevent a few black sheep from destroying the highly professional work of most of the other subcontractors". A first step that will not settle all the questions, such as those of recruitment, the pricing of these interventions, or the differences in connection technologies between infrastructure operators and access providers.



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