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Rezopole User Group

Rezopole wants to get its members feedback, about their needs, ideas and expectations regarding current services.

RUG (Rezopole User Group)

To allow exchanges, the Association organizes the Rezopole User Group events. The RUG is an informal group of technicians who work in structures connected to a Rezopole IXP (or in the process of interconnecting).


The RUG is reserved to Premium membres, it gathers maximum 12 participants and has a specific theme and one or several 15 min presentations by a member. The meeting report is sent to all participants after the RUG.

RUG allows to:

  •  Exchange on technical subjects and “best pratice”,
  •  Interact with Rezopole improving current services and developing new ones.

History of RUG

Find past RUG here




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