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IXP - Definition and benefits

What is an Internet eXchange Point (IXP)?

An IXP is an infrastructure which allows its users to exchange local Internet traffic, that keep on increasing everyday. The IXP users can improve the bandwidth and avoid additional costs due to important data transport. Therefore, an IXP is a major factor for the local Internet developpement: users located in the same city can exchange local traffic, without going through distant infrastructures located in Paris, London, or even New York. An Internet eXchange Point improves the Internet traffic's quality for the region where it is located.





  • Reduces latency, which empower Internet for all interactive applications, video games, teleconferencing and web 2.0,
  • Accelerates local internet exchanges between users
  • Improves overall bandwidth
  • Improves the routing efficiency, by increasing the number of possible “paths”.


  • An Internet eXchange Point increases the number of potential providers, therefore it stimulates the offer and local competition. The IXP maintains, at an economic level for the municipalities, the Internet jobs offer and limits mass migration to Paris.
  • This kind of Internet infrastructure attracts foreign companies (high-tech and network) which are used to benefit from an Internet eXchange Point and purchase Internet capacity.
  • IXPs help technological start-ups and develop relationships with research and training organizations.
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