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Croissance du nombre de DataCenters à Lyon


In 2013, many new DataCenter have been created in Lyon. The Greater Lyon experienced a shortage a few years ago but is now in a position to insure the future. Besides public DataCenters (Education, Research, or local government services) and DataCenters dedicated to a single company, hosting commercial DataCenters are booming in Lyon and its region.

It is worth mentioning that the set back was important: till 2010, there were only 5 DataCenters that may host racks. Now nearly twenty players can offer hosting servers. Rezopole has produced a map of these centers. And several projects are still under construction near the capital of saplings. Lyon city has caught, up in less than 10 years, its delay in this field. An interesting detail: all DataCenters recently created (Maxnod, DCforDATA, FMI, CFI, One-System, SynAAps) joined Lyonix from the beginning of their activities !


Carte DataCenter Rhône-Alpes Rezopole

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