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Aperezo 40 with ARISTA

on Wednesday, 16 November 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Aperezo 40 with ARISTA

Rezopole is pleased to invite you to the Aperezo n°40 sponsored by ARISTA on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 at Razowski restaurant, starting from 6:30 pm. Come to meet the ARISTA team as well as the regional IT sector professionals around a cocktail reception, in a pleasant and friendly environment.


Register now!*



  I register to the Aperezo #40 




ARISTA is a leader in building scalable, high-performance and ultra-low latency cloud networks with low power consumption and a small footprint for modern data center and cloud computing environments. It is a DC MQ Gartner leader  for two consecutive years.

Its solutions widely spread in the global and French cloud, are guided:


- By a single binary

- By a contemporary and robust OS, designed for virtualisation and dev-ops

- By a strategy of opening and interoperability with a broad ecosystem, in its ADN

- By new tools allowing a wide range of automation implementation

- By the best support and local teams



*Registration to our events is open to the Rezopole Association members. If you are not a member yet, register here, it is free!


Rezopole participates in the 29th Euro-IX Forum

on Monday, 07 November 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Rezopole participates in the 29th Euro-IX Forum

Rezopole has pleasure to find the European IXP community during 2 days in Cracow (Poland).

The 29th Euro-IX forum is hosted by TPIX from 6th-8th of November 2016. 




About the Euro-IX Forum

Euro-IX organizes 2 Fora per year, held each time in a different location in Europe. These meetings have been initiated to bring together all Euro-IX affiliated IXPs & Patrons in one place to discuss relevant issues faced by Internet Exchanges. The Fora include discussions on both technical and managerial topics, presentations by IXP representatives and IXP related vendors, as well as social events.


Github for Rezopole

on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

Github for Rezopole

The Rezopole technical team now shares its network tools software developments on a github repository. Two projects are already published: lint_conf and capstat.


"Lint_conf" is a tool aimed at looking for declaration inconsistencies in the switch or router configuration using the "IOS " (Cisco, Brocade, Dell, BDcom) syntax. This tool is particularly advantageous when validating configurations of more than 22000 lines!


"Capstat" is a network traffic statistical tool. Its strength is in being able to aggregate and cross the content of a "libpcap" (tcpdump/wireshark) capture with a full-view from a router and to obtain the traffic matrix per AS (which AS to which AS). It also provides crossings on more immediate criteria: by arbitrary length prefix, by involved MAC addresses, etc....


Each of these projects is already today implemented in the public domain via the GPLv2 license. Any contributions are welcome: functionality suggestions, bugs reports, code additions or corrections. To your keyboards!


Rezopole codes !


Fingerprint Technologies: New member interconnected to LyonIX

on Tuesday, 20 September 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Fingerprint Technologies: New member interconnected to LyonIX

Created in 1991 by IT and network professionals, Fingerprint Technologies develops and integrates solutions and innovative technology-based services in its various sectors of activity.

Telecom operator and hosting provider of proximity, Fingerprint proposes very-high-speed access (Optical fibre, SDSL), secure interconnection of VPN MPLS distant sites and IP telephony (VoIP) offers.

Its data center provides security and availability guarantees thanks to very high level of telecom connection redundancy as its physical infrastructure. The Fingerprint expertise and experience enable its customers to build hosting solutions that meet their specific requirements and volume of activity (dedicated servers, virtualization, shared hosting, storage, external backup...).

Fingerprint Technologies is interconnected with LyonIX to consolidate its infrastructure, optimize its Internet routes and improve their diversity. This enables its customers to find more efficient solutions, through a high quality and resilient transit.




Find more about Fingerprint Technologies

Fingerprint Technologies is present in the LyonIX 2H rack.

ASN: 49961.


LyonIX is interconnected with LILLIX!

on Thursday, 08 September 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

LyonIX is interconnected with LILLIX!

LyonIX, the Lyon IXP + NAP platform, and LILLIX, the French northern GIX, are now interconnected for the greater benefit of their members.

What am I supposed to do with this interconnection ?

The prefixes of the LILLIX members are now visible by the LyonIX members, and conversely, allowing the implementation of optimized peering connections between the two IXP passing by the LyonIX and LILLIX common network infrastructure.

What am I supposed to do to take advantage of it ?

Nothing, the news are automatically published by LyonIX and LILLIX route-servers.

Who are LILLIX members?

See the list on the LILLIX site.

For any other technical question concerning the Rezopole/LyonIX services, contact the Technical Service.


Workshop BGP: Rezopole indispensable service

on Friday, 02 September 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

Workshop BGP: Rezopole indispensable service
Workshop Bgp is an ideal training to learn the bases and master one of the fundamental Internet protocols for an effective peering! Participants are very satisfied to be able to master, thanks to Rezopole, the Internet routing intricacies.


For your information, the BGP workshop presents the BGP routing (Internet founder protocol), necessary to use an IXP.  The presentation also deals with Peering and Router server concepts. The workshop is about setting up techniques to filter your networks both in IPv4 and IPv6.

Do you want to participate?


  Please ask a quote here  


To learn more

  Download the BGP brochure  



Tutor: New member interconnected to LyonIX

on Tuesday, 30 August 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Tutor: New member interconnected to LyonIX

The Tutor group is the leading FTTH  and business services actor in France with more than 600 000 consumer signed connections and 3000 operating companies on behalf on more than 70 service operators. With its in-depth expertise in construction costs and its quality of operations, Tutor brings, since 2004, an appropriate answer to communities partners for a regional development. Tutor manages 13 Delegations of Public Service notably the Somme, Calvados and Haute-Savoie departments.


Within the context of the SYANE of Haute-Savoie network operation, Tutor chose Rezopole and LyonIX to offer interconnection between this well recognized regional point of presence and the Haute-Savoie very high-speed optic fibre departmental network that Tutor is building and operating, to allow the largest number of service operators to prospect the regional companies.


Find more about Tutor

Tutor is present in the rack LyonIX 2H.

ASN: 197076

Aperezo 39 with Brocade!

on Thursday, 30 June 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Aperezo 39 with Brocade!

The next Aperezo organized by Rezopole in Lyon, in partnership with Brocade, is going to be held on Thursday, September 15th at the AOC Les Halles de Lyon restaurant starting from 6:30 PM. Meet the Brocade team and the regional IT industry professionals around a glass in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.



Register to the Aperezo #39

About Brocade

The Brocade network solutions help the largest enterprises ensure a smooth transition to a world where the applications and the information can be found anywhere. We seek to contribute to your success thanks to our evolutive networks simplicity.

These networks must be smart, highly reliable and highly-efficient. They have to simplify complexity, allow IT departments to make easier to meet constantly evolving professional needs and significantly reduce maintenance and deployment costs.

If you have to deploy applications more rapidly, to reach them more quickly, to support them better, to eliminate interruptions and to ensure cloud services connectivity, you should move forward and adopt a Brocade IP network.




No more place available for the RUG 13!

on Thursday, 30 June 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

No more place available for the RUG 13!

The RUG 13 participants' maximum number has been reached!

Thanks you all and see you soon!


- breakfast

- topic to be dealt: IPv6

Situation and challenges: facilitator Noémie Clémençon (Rezopole)

- IPv4 shortage,

- significant increase of IP, Internet of Things use,

- rate of deployment,

- challenges for content and service providers.

Deployment Type: facilitator Fabrice Rouvier (Rezopole)

- the customer positions pool case,

- the content provider case,

- the hosting service provider case.

Security: facilitator Ronan Bianic (Rezopole)

- public address system come back,

- IPv6 omnipresence on the customer positions and appliances,

- dual stack = dual filtering,

- best practices,

- router-announcements filtering.

Addressing plan management: facilitator Jean-Daniel Pauget (Rezopole)

- recommendations,

- a limited number of BGP announcements,

- subnet allocation for customers etc,

- allocation management tools.

Learn more

Each RUG gathers 10 participants maximum. Find more details here.

Do you have any questions?

For more information contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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