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- breakfast

- topic to be dealt: IPv6

Situation and challenges: facilitator Noémie Clémençon (Rezopole)

- IPv4 shortage,

- significant increase of IP, Internet of Things use,

- rate of deployment,

- challenges for content and service providers.

Deployment Type: facilitator Fabrice Rouvier (Rezopole)

- the customer positions pool case,

- the content provider case,

- the hosting service provider case.

Security: facilitator Ronan Bianic (Rezopole)

- public address system come back,

- IPv6 omnipresence on the customer positions and appliances,

- dual stack = dual filtering,

- best practices,

- router-announcements filtering.

Addressing plan management: facilitator Jean-Daniel Pauget (Rezopole)

- recommendations,

- a limited number of BGP announcements,

- subnet allocation for customers etc,

- allocation management tools.

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