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LONAP and LyonIX are interconnected!

on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

LONAP and LyonIX are interconnected!

With London Access Point (LONAP), England has joined the inter-IXP peering at LyonIX. All the members of this English Internet eXchange Point can peer with those of LyonIX through announcements made by the two IXP route-servers.


This international agreement adds to previous interconnections: Italie-France with TopIX (Internet eXchange Point in Turin), Switzerland-France with CIXP (Internet eXchange Point of the CERN in Geneva) and Bulgaria with NetIX (Internet eXchange Point in Sofia).


This new extension was immediately confirmed by the traffic which has been established once the link was opened. The Rezopole team is at your disposal for any information concerning this new interconnection. You may also consult the weather-map of Rezopole in order to discover the rest of the inter-IXP regional and national connections!




NeTIX and LyonIX are now interconnected at 1 Gbps

on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

NeTIX and LyonIX are now interconnected at 1 Gbps

NeTIX is a Bulgarian structure which is developing a Eastern Europe network and enables its customers and members to join many IXPs in Europe. With points of presence in Sofia, Bucharest, Warsaw, Prague, Istanbul, Belgrade, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, and London, NeTiX carries more than 50 operators networks in all these cities.

By interconnecting with LyonIX, NeTiX also has access to IXP in Rhône-Alpes: GrenoblIX, ADN-IX, SaintetIX. Thus, on both sides, this is a collection of more than 150 networks that can exchange free traffic, and that under peering agreements through the Route Servers. Connectivity between the Eastern Europe and the LyonIX IXPs will be greatly improved.


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