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The latest Rezopole activity report

on Wednesday, 07 July 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

The latest Rezopole activity report

"As you all know, 2020 will have been a pivotal year as we have validated the merger of Rezopole with France-IX, and we are now France-IX Lyon.


This choice has been carefully considered throughout the year 2020, with you, our members, the Rezopole team and the Board of Directors.


This choice will allow us to pursue and develop our know-how around the Internet network, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and throughout France.


I would like to thank in this last "Annual Review" all those who believed in the Rezopole project and supported us despite the difficulties:

  • Thanks to the founders of Rezopole, all pioneers and passionate about the Internet!
  • Thanks to the members of the office (volunteers) who spent many evenings all these years to help us grow,
  • Thank you to the team in Lyon, who kept Rezopole running 24/7,
  • Thanks to the public authorities for their indispensable financial support,
  • And thank you to all of you, our members, for whom we have created Rezopole in order to develop the industry.


See you at a future event."


Philippe Duby,

Former President of Rezopole

Vice President of France-IX





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The 2 largest IXPs in France merge - Interview

on Friday, 15 January 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

The 2 largest IXPs in France merge - Interview

France-IX and Rezopole, the two largest peering Internet exchange points in France, merge. Solutions Numériques asked their two representatives for further details.


Physical infrastructure, the IXP (Internet eXchange Point) or GIX (Global Internet eXchange), allows interconnected players to exchange local Internet traffic through mutual agreements known as "peering". This improves the quality of their Internet speed and limits the number of intermediaries to transport the information.


France-IX is one of the main exchange points in Europe, while Rezopole, based in Lyon, is the largest regional exchange point in France. Faced with international competition gaining ground in France, in a desire to participate in the sovereignty of the Internet and with the desire to expand their presence in French-speaking countries, they decided to join forces and collaborate.


For 10 years, France-IX has been offering public and private interconnection services through its neutral exchange points in Paris and Marseille. It has more than 400 members under its association status, while the operational structure is led by SAS France-IX Services, headed by Franck Simon, whose sole shareholder is the association.

For its part, Rezopole, which has had association status for 20 years, has more than 100 members connected in Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and offers a wide range of complementary peering services. Philippe Duby is its President. Its assets, men and equipment, join SAS France-IX Services, while its members are added to those of the France-IX association.


Solutions Numériques interviewed Franck Simon, President of France-IX Services and Philippe Duby, President of Rezopole. They spoke about the association's status, their customers, the reasons for this merger and future challenges and deployments.



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Source : Solutions Numériques





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