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Plan of attack for the revival of Kosc

The wholesale operator, which took control of Kosc in the summer of 2020, is now preparing to relaunch it. And Kosc's rebound is bound to be closely scrutinised by the various players in the sector.


David El Fassy, the CEO of Altitude Infrastructure - now renamed Altitude Infra, explains, "For us, the acquisition of Kosc is an unprecedented opportunity to expand our client base in areas other than those where we have traditionally operated, particularly in AMII or urban areas. [...] After beating Kosc's order record in September, we now wish to enrich its catalogue of addressable FttE and FttO products, on which Kosc has not had a strong presence until now". Other objectives include the development of Kosc's coverage in SFR's AMII zones, with the eventual ambition to push for full unbundling of the wholesale operator.


Altitude Infra wants to make Kosc's API the most complete aggregator of telecommunications infrastructures, both for its major accounts (such as OVH) and also for VSEs. Indeed, the latter constitute the most important economic development basin of the corporate telecoms market.

To achieve this, the wholesale operator is planning a massive investment of 100 million euros over five years in Kosc. Xavier Grossetete, who has been working for Jaguar Network since 2017, has been appointed sales director and will be responsible for boosting the recruitment of new customers.


"With Kosc, we are becoming the operators' one-stop shop, with coverage throughout the country," says David El Fassy, confirming his intention "to invest and have a long-term influence on the fibre optics market, but also to develop new offers and services for companies". The plan proposed by Altitude Infra should enable Kosc to return to a positive Ebitda, as well as a turnover of between 80 and 100 million euros in 2022.



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