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Rezopole, in partnership with 1Kubator, invites you on Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30pm at 13ᵉ meet RezoGirls. A new round table with the theme "E-reputation: beware of the boomerang effect! ».

There are a multitude of expressions to name e-reputation: web-reputation, cyber-reputation, digital reputation, web reputation, Internet reputation or online reputation. But in all cases, it is the digital image that the Internet reflects of a person, natural or legal person or brand.

E-reputation therefore delivers elements about a person or a brand, without them being able to fully control them. Warren Buffet had this sentence: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation, but only five minutes to destroy it". This has never been truer than it is today, in our ultra-connected world.


At a time of fake news, revenge porn, harassment, etc. how to manage its e-reputation? Our four speakers will discuss the subject based on their respective experiences and provide relevant advice.





     18h30-18h45 : Welcome
     18h45-19h00 : Presentation of the speakers
     19h00-20h30 : Round table
     20h30-21h45 : Cocktail - Jacques Lafargue caterer






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Freelance designer orbiting in the fields of video games, the web and pedagogy, Antoine Gouy believes in the power of the network and people. The human being is his priority. He uses the methods of the freelance company to lead project teams towards their goals with sense and benevolence. 

Antoine also transmits these notions in the project program he runs on the Ynov campus in Lyon. His goal: to train students to listen to others in order to, let's face it, change tomorrow's world.




Specialized in economic intelligence and expert in social networks, Fanny Loubaton has been assisting companies in their digital communication for the past ten years. From the definition of the strategy to its deployment, she helps structures, actors and collaborators to reveal themselves on social networks. She offers a qualitative and educational support around social networks to guarantee the good visibility of the message and the increase in skills of the teams around the digital.



Marie Marcotte is a lawyer in Lyon. Her practice focuses on commercial and liability law, intellectual property and innovation law, as well as digital and e-commerce law.
Throughout her career, she has advised and defended companies of all sizes, from very small businesses to large groups, operating in a variety of sectors such as digital, telecommunications, mass distribution, franchising and industry.



About RezoGirls       


You are a woman and you work in the Network & Telecom sector or more broadly in the digital sector and you would like to meet other RezoGirls ?

Come and share your experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere...



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The leading network of start-up incubators in France, 1Kubator supports, provides office space and finances innovative and digital projects. In 10 months, entrepreneurs go from the idea to the market, and to fundraising 1ʳᵉ.





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