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EU draws up action plan to secure 5G

The European Union has just published a raft of measures - a toolbox in EU jargon - to enable its members to mitigate cyber risks. "According to the EU coordinated risk assessment report, the measures concern the security of stakeholders in the 5G ecosystem, which are mainly mobile network operators and their suppliers, in particular telecoms equipment manufacturers," the report reads.


The measures set out by the EU fall into two categories: strategic and technical, complemented by targeted support actions. Each of these measures is associated with a level of risk backed by positive or negative implementation factors and the time required for implementation.

It has thus identified 8 strategic 5G cyber risk mitigation measures and 11 mitigation measures at the strategic level.


In addition, a roadmap has been specified: Member States are invited to take "concrete and quantifiable steps to implement the set of key measures according to the recommendations contained in the conclusions associated with the EU toolkit" by 30th April 2020. Then to draw up by 30th June 2020 "a report by the SRI Cooperation Group on the state of play of the implementation of these key measures in each Member State, based on the reports and regular monitoring carried out in particular within the SRI Cooperation Group, with the assistance of the Commission and ENISA".


This announcement comes at a time when the 28 members of the Union have agreed to give priority to local players, Nokia and Ericsson, for 5G core network technologies, de facto excluding players such as Huawei. This does not mean, however, that the Chinese manufacturer's equipment will disappear altogether, as it will, for example, be able to offer it for non-sensitive parts of the network in the UK, while being capped at 35% of the 5G market. This prospect seems far from being a topical one in Germany, where the government is said to have evidence of Huawei's connivance with the Chinese intelligence services...




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Source : Le Monde Informatique





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