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5G: no risk to public health concludes Anses

5G has given rise to many fantasies even before its launch in France. However, the French National Agency for Health Safety (Anses) considers that there is no public health risk associated with the deployment of 5G to date.

It must be said that while the new mobile standard promises to speed up our communications, it currently uses several frequency bands: those between 700 MHz and 2.1 GHz, already used by 3G and 4G, a new band allocated to operators in November 2020 and in a few years' time, the 26 GHz band.


For the first two frequency bands, already used for 3G and 4G, there are no new risks. After several studies carried out upstream for the deployment of 5G, the Anses explains that it is "unlikely at this stage that the deployment of 5G in the frequency band around 3.5 GHz will constitute a new health risk".

On the other hand, for the 26 GHz band, which has not yet been allocated in France, the organisation is more moderate: "At present, the data are not sufficient to conclude whether or not there are health effects".

The government welcomed these reassuring results, considering the deployment of 5G as "a turning point in innovation". However, 5G is not yet completely out of the woods. For several months now, the High Council for the Climate had been warning that the new connectivity standard was "likely to significantly increase" the carbon footprint of the digital sector, which is already one of the biggest polluters in the world.



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Source : Journal du Geek





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