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Aperezo 33 with Optimal Data Center

on Thursday, 28 May 2015 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Aperezo 33 with Optimal Data Center

The next Aperezo organized by Rezopole in Lyon, in partnership with Optimal Data Center, is going to be held on Thursday, June 18 at Tapeo restaurant starting from 18:30. Meet the Optimal Data Center team and the regional IT industry professionals around a cocktail in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Register now!




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About Optimal Data Center

To ensure high technical added value productions, integrity and high operational availability of spaces/dedicated places must remain secure and the main technical channels in perfect condition.

ODC and its partner Cleansoft launch a unique offer in two parts:
1- A set of complete diagnostics existing in all aspects subject to criticality (second work, technical floor, Elec, Air conditionning, ventilation, fire, access control), bound recommendations of evolution and upgrade.
2- A realization of all the susceptible general contracting work mode, with or without Office Study/ Master of designated work, for various trades. Having constant goal the absence of shutdown. This offer is mostly desinged for Data Centers, server rooms, hotspots, industrial or hospital technical production floor areas with supervision equipment, GTB or GTC...


Save the date : Aperezo EuroGIX le 31 mars 2015

on Thursday, 05 March 2015 Posted in Archives EuroGIX

Rezopole and ARIA organize the first Aperezo event in Strasbourg on March 31st, 2015.This event gathers Internet and Telecom industries actors from Strasbourg and the Alsace Region. Come and meet regional IT sector professionals at our diner-cocktail. Register Now!



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About EuroGIX

EuroGIX is an Internet eXchange Point (IXP) and a market place (NAP) created by ARIA (Association des Réseaux Internet en Alsace - Association of the Internet Networks in Alsace) and Rezopole. To this day, the EuroGIX IXP/NAP brings together 6 ISP and operators in two racks.

EuroGIX promotes the development of the Very High Speed Internet network in Starsbourg and the Alsace Region, with the IXP -Internet eXchange Point- management and the set-up of IT services. By its very presence it gives a strong support for projects and events for the Internet field and for the area, and eases communication and exchange between the Internet actors (companies, communities, associations, etc.).

NeTIX and LyonIX are now interconnected at 1 Gbps

on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

NeTIX and LyonIX are now interconnected at 1 Gbps

NeTIX is a Bulgarian structure which is developing a Eastern Europe network and enables its customers and members to join many IXPs in Europe. With points of presence in Sofia, Bucharest, Warsaw, Prague, Istanbul, Belgrade, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, and London, NeTiX carries more than 50 operators networks in all these cities.

By interconnecting with LyonIX, NeTiX also has access to IXP in Rhône-Alpes: GrenoblIX, ADN-IX, SaintetIX. Thus, on both sides, this is a collection of more than 150 networks that can exchange free traffic, and that under peering agreements through the Route Servers. Connectivity between the Eastern Europe and the LyonIX IXPs will be greatly improved.


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