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New edition 2018!

on Tuesday, 06 February 2018 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives EuroGIX

New edition 2018!

Need for the intervention of a qualified and available 24/7 staff?


Want to optimise your network performance?


Need to secure your Internet access and increase throughput while minimising costs?


Discover our new range of services and trainings designed especially for you...





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New service: Mapping IP towards AS

on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives EuroGIX

New service: Mapping IP towards AS

Rezopole sets up a publication service of correspondence between IP and AS. A simple DNS request allows to find the AS and the subnet in which the IP is published!


This new public service is an alternative to the American team-cymru and allows to expose BGP routes seen from Europe. Visit to enrich your network scripts! These tools (dig and asdig) are reverted to the public domain on our github! An update is coming…




New EuroGIX member: Kbleu!

on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives EuroGIX

New EuroGIX member: Kbleu!

In 1990, no way to correctly receive television at Ferrette: the hertzian waves don't pass, they bounce. Three friends fond of technics set-up their cables: it was the birth of the local network, named Kbleu... and television reached Ferette!


Kbleu chooses to operate as a municipal or inter-municipal local authority structure.


In 2015, this authority manages the TV, Internet and telephony distribution infrastructures for the citizens of both municipalities. The friends are still there: energetic volunteers and experts, they practice sharing for the benefit of all. Proponents of open-source software and its spirit, they provide an alternative to the market-based model. And refuse to give-up and bend before the leading market operators...


Kbleu animates the local channel and distributes television, telephony and Internet, for all residents of Ferrette and Vieux Ferrette. Saying "Kbleu" means a cable (we are located in the south of Alsace...). It is a simple play on words of the malicious inventors.


Kbleu is present at EuroGIX, rack 1B02.

ASN : 50547





 What Kbleu appreciates:

  • Simplicity: clear offer of services
  • Quality: professional expert technicians
  • Public service: no shareholders, the net income is used entirely for network improvement
  • Reduced Costs: volunteers invest themselves for you!
  • Integration of inhabitants: multicultural programs
  • Investment in local life: KbleuTV, hosting of Internet sites for associations, partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet filter for schools
  • Reactivity: a whish? Kbleu is listening to you... and does its best!
  • Challenges: Kbleu is successful in meeting all its goals!

  Kbleu today is:

  • A unique TV subscription of more than 130 programs including a pack of pay-TV channels
  • The 120 world's radio stations streamed over the network
  • A standard Internet subscription (25 Mbits) and THD option (100 Mbits)
  • A telephone subscription


More information on the Kbleu website...



AS-PC: new member on EuroGIX!

on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives EuroGIX

AS-PC: new member on EuroGIX!

Established in 1996, AS-PC is specialized in infrastructure, services, data hosting of informatics and telecommunication solutions.

Presents in the French territory and DOM-TOM (the Antilles-Guyana and New Caledonia), the company assists its customers in their process of modernization, consolidation and computing technology evolution.


AS-PC is the team of specialists at the service of their customers.

AS-PC is present at the 1B02 EuroGIX rack.

ASN : 47216




Why join EuroGIX?

Technical reasons:

"EuroGIX will allow us to reach our regional and local customers without passing through Paris or Francfort and this will provide two main advantages:


  • on one hand, a latency decrease, which will improve the fluidity and quality perceived by our services,
  • on the other hand, an increase of capacities, which simply allows to provide services that would be unattainable before or extremely costly".

Practical reasons:

"The Alsace has a strong history of cross-border region with a number of large companies on both sides of the Rhine. As for the majority of our local colleagues, our customers include some of these companies. The EuroGIX extension in Kelh allows us to offer them more effective interconnections (which don't follow the path of Strasbourg, Paris, Amsterdam, Francfort, Kelh to make 20 km) and also to offer them our services".

Philosophical reasons:

"Firstly, we are a structure organised on a human scale and we can't be specialised in everything and provide all services. It is therefore important for us to be interconnected with our colleagues in order to provide them the services that we are extremely good at and to use the services provided by them.

Then, the connectivity has become an absolute must. If we are not capable of providing a quality connectivity, there is a good reason to bet that within the next ten years, there will be only remaining in our remote region "network endpoints" or actors perfused by the governments.

So, if we do not wish to move to Paris or change our profession, we have to mobilize to repeat the LyonIX successful experience".


To learn more, click here...


Rezopole is a member of CRiP!

on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives EuroGIX

Rezopole is a member of CRiP!

May 2017: Rezopole joins the CRiP, Club of Infrastructure, Technologies and Production Excecutives. This NPO established in 2007 under the law of 1901 is presided by Mr. Philippe Sersot, Crédit Agricole Silca Deputy General Manager. The Club brings together nearly 400 companies and administrations representing more than 6000 members.



"Our commitment is the independence from suppliers and the production of operational content."




Undersea cables 2017

on Tuesday, 02 May 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives EuroGIX

Undersea cables 2017

Every time you visit a web page or send an email, data is being sent and received through an intricate cable system that stretches around the globe. Since the 1850s, we've been laying cables across oceans to become better connected. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber optic cables constantly transmitting data between nations.


Find here the animated map, made by Business Insider, which reveals the 550,000 miles of cable hidden under the ocean that power the Internet!





New EuroGIX member: Euskill

on Monday, 27 March 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives EuroGIX

New EuroGIX member: Euskill

Founded in 2007 by experienced engineers and "computer geeks", Euskill provides high-tech services to companies in the area of cloud computing (IaaS type), development, and Big Data. Click here to learn more...


At its inception, Euskill started its hosting business in the online game sector with its Myriapulse game server location service wich technologies, developed internally, provide reliability, availability, and performance advantage to Euskill against its competitors. It is thanks to these advantages but also to the accelerated adoption of new technologies, such as high performance storage system based on SSD drives, that the service was able to rapidly impose itself on this market.


This experience was naturally used as a springboard to the Cloud Computing. Indeed, the Nodilex cloud computing platform uses technologies similar to those for the game servers and the final user expectations in term of availability and performance are identical. This Public Cloud offer was subsequently declined in the form of the Private Cloud in order to meet requirements of companies concerned in maintaining a dedicated environment.


These innovative products, allying simplicity, efficiency, and performance, were adopted by thousands of customers throughout Europe.


Based in France, in Strasbourg, Euskill pays particular attention to data protection in order to guarantee for its customers a high level of confidentiality.


Euskill is constantly listening to its customers, and the company provides its services with the highest requirements. All the technologies and equipment used on our platforms are tested and meet the performance, reliability, and security highest standards.  


Euskill is present at the EuroGIX 1B02 rack.

ASN : 50535



Why join EuroGIX?

Thomas Schneider, Euskill CEO, explains: "In order to develop the Alsatian local Internet networking, Euskill took the decision to be connected to the EuroGIX Internet eXchange Point.


With our content provider activity via our Nodilex hosting cloud platform, it is our interest to join this eXchange point and thus to improve our connectivity to the local actors.


We offer to our users better performance to our network by reducing the distance traveled by the data between Internet service and content providers.


Furthermore, Euskill is ready to contribute to the development on the EuroGIX platform in order to make it evolve into one of the first cross-border eXchange point of the world Internet traffic, notably thanks to its strategic position on the French-German border, and thus establish itself as a crucial and essential European eXchange point".



Video conference server update

on Tuesday, 24 January 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives EuroGIX

Video conference server update

Rezopole continues to update is free video conference service. Thanks to hold your meetings or take your distance course in perfect simplicity!


The functionalities are:

  • sound (microphone + loudspeakers or headphones or simple phone earpieces)
  • image (webcam)
  • screenshare
  • document sharing
  • chat


The acess to Rezopole Visio is on


Thanks to your ISP local peering, the Rezopole visio is accessble under proper bandwidth and latency conditions. The Rezopole video conference is based on BigBlueButton free software. The service is hosted in the Rezopole servers.





IXP: Critical interconnection point in 2019?

on Thursday, 05 November 2015 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives EuroGIX

IXP: Critical interconnection point in 2019?

According to Cisco, the annual IP datacenter traffic will globally reach 10.4 Zb in 2019, including 8.6 Zb generated by the only Cloud services.


According to Global Cloud Index of Cisco, the datacenter traffic should globally triple between 2014 and 2019. It would pass from 3.4 Zb in 2014 to 10.4 Zb in 2019. And the traffic generated by the Cloud services should quadruple over the period, passing from 2.1 Zb to 8.6 Zb per year. So, the Cloud services would represent 83 % of the datacenter traffic in 2019.


Find more information here


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