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Flash-back in Isère for the Aperezo 53

on Tuesday, 27 November 2018 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX

Flash-back in Isère for the Aperezo 53

A look back at this superb evening, between IT experts and telecoms experts from the Grenoble region, organized at the Family Kitchen on November 21!


While waiting to meet you for a future event in Grenoble, let's relive together a few moments of this Aperezo. The best pictures are here..




Photographer : Marine-Agathe GONARD / AGATHE PHOTOS






on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX


Since November 21st, Rezopole has had a new member connected to the GrenoblIX infrastructure.

TOTAL CLOUD, located in Grenoble, has its own third-party level III data centers, all located near the company's headquarters.

This new member offers multiple web hosting solutions, collaborative storage tools, synchronization and supervision. And it is also a secure room for housing your IT solutions. TOTAL CLOUD - IP and mobile telephone operator for professionals and individuals - provides services for your fibre, Dark, ADSL and SDSL connections.




TOTAL CLOUD is present in GrenoblIX 1.

ASN : AS210197





Aperezo 53: registrations are open!

on Tuesday, 06 November 2018 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX

Aperezo 53: registrations are open!

Total Cloud and Rezopole are pleased to invite you to the 53rd edition of the Aperezo which will take place on Wednesday 21st November at Family Kitchen restaurant in Grenoble , from 6:30 pm.

Attention: the number of places being limited, registration is MANDATORY.
For organizational and security reasons, any person not in possession of a nominative registration confirmation * will be refused access to the event.

* Confirmation by name subsequently sent by e-mail.


Please limit the number of professionals per company to 3.


I register


By registering, you agree, if you appear on the photos taken during the event, that they be published on our site, social networks and the site of our partner.



About our sponsor

A distributor specialising in very high-speed telecom transmissions, Infractive was born from the desire of a team of fibre optic network experts to combine their skills to create a company with a solid technical base. Infractive is positioned as a high value-added distributor and offers all the components of a telecom network: from the physical layer to the quality of service.

A trusted partner, Infractive offers a complete range of services to support its customers throughout the life of their network.





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