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The 2 largest IXPs in France merge - Interview

on Friday, 15 January 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

The 2 largest IXPs in France merge - Interview

France-IX and Rezopole, the two largest peering Internet exchange points in France, merge. Solutions Numériques asked their two representatives for further details.


Physical infrastructure, the IXP (Internet eXchange Point) or GIX (Global Internet eXchange), allows interconnected players to exchange local Internet traffic through mutual agreements known as "peering". This improves the quality of their Internet speed and limits the number of intermediaries to transport the information.


France-IX is one of the main exchange points in Europe, while Rezopole, based in Lyon, is the largest regional exchange point in France. Faced with international competition gaining ground in France, in a desire to participate in the sovereignty of the Internet and with the desire to expand their presence in French-speaking countries, they decided to join forces and collaborate.


For 10 years, France-IX has been offering public and private interconnection services through its neutral exchange points in Paris and Marseille. It has more than 400 members under its association status, while the operational structure is led by SAS France-IX Services, headed by Franck Simon, whose sole shareholder is the association.

For its part, Rezopole, which has had association status for 20 years, has more than 100 members connected in Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and offers a wide range of complementary peering services. Philippe Duby is its President. Its assets, men and equipment, join SAS France-IX Services, while its members are added to those of the France-IX association.


Solutions Numériques interviewed Franck Simon, President of France-IX Services and Philippe Duby, President of Rezopole. They spoke about the association's status, their customers, the reasons for this merger and future challenges and deployments.



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Source : Solutions Numériques





Lets vote!

on Thursday, 14 January 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

Lets vote!

As previously announced, a second General Assembly will take place, still remotely, on Friday, January 29th.


This extraordinary session will be devoted to the election of the two remaining seats on the Board of Directors of France-IX. Elections will be split in two to ensure fairness with Rezopole members, who are now integrated as members of France-IX and can therefore vote. Their representation on the new Board is therefore encouraged by allowing Rezopole members to support and vote for candidates from their community.


Voting is already open and takes place online. The results of the election will be announced on January 29th on the France-IX website and on social networks.


Find all the useful information (candidates, voting procedure, etc.) here:





France-IX and Rezopole are merging

on Thursday, 14 January 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

France-IX and Rezopole are merging

By merging with France-IX, Rezopole is entering a new stage in its development. The aim of this project is to capitalize on the financial, human, commercial and technical resources of both entities. This merger proves to be a very good opportunity for the future for both parties.

You can consult the various legal documents below:


France-IX Administration
List of members

Rezopole Administration
List of members


Rezopole parent company financial statements
Fiscal 2017

Rezopole parent company financial statements
Fiscal 2018

Rezopole parent company financial statements
Fiscal 2019

Intermediate situation
of Rezopole on 30.06.2020


Minutes of the board of directors
of Rezopole of 13.10.2020

Minutes of the board of directors
of France-IX of 15.10.2020


Absorption Melting Treaty
of Rezopole by France-IX

Draft contribution contract Value Report APA Remuneration Report






Upcoming election to the Board of Directors of France-IX

on Wednesday, 16 December 2020 Posted in Archives Rezopole

Upcoming election to the Board of Directors of France-IX

The merger between Rezopole and France-IX was approved on December 15th at the respective General Meetings of the two entities.


A second General Meeting will be held, again by videoconference, on Friday, January 29th, 2021 at 2:00 pm. This extraordinary session will be dedicated to the election of two positions on the France-IX Board of Directors.

This election will be held in two stages in order to guarantee greater equity for Rezopole members, now integrated as France-IX members, who will be able to make their voices heard on this date. Their representation on the new Board is therefore encouraged by allowing Rezopole members to support and vote for candidates from their community. Voting will take place by electronic ballot from January 12th to 29th, 2021.


Nominations for these two seats will open on Thursday, December 17th, 2020 and close on Friday, January 8th, 2021.  Full information on how to apply is provided below.


Who should apply?


If you have a professional experience in telecoms/Internet/network interconnection, if you want to be part of France-IX community and if you have time to do so, a great opportunity opens up for you.


You can apply, whether your company is a member or not of France-IX, except if you are already a board member of another Internet Exchange Point, or if you already work for another Internet Exchange Point.


For these seats, more than technical skills, it is expected to benefit from your knowledge from the market, your capacity to identify and collect needs and to express a vision and contribute to the development of France-IX.


The duration of the mandate for a board member is 3 years.


The main missions of the board members are:

  • Participate to monthly conference calls (1 hour);
  • Participate to face to face meetings (twice a year, full day);
  • Represent the association France-IX, and be a spokesman;
  • Make the link with the France-IX’s community, especially to collect needs and expectations;
  • Contribute to the strategy of France-IX, help to define new services and bring high-level advice to the CEO.


All board members must sign a Code of Conduct, in relation with the confidential nature of the information they will have access to, and to guarantee neutrality in decision-making processes, and avoid any potential conflict of interest.


How and when should I apply?


Your resume along with max 300 word statements in English should be submitted to prior to 08 January 2021.


If you wish, you can also send a short video (3 minutes maximum) to promote your application and explaining who you are, why you want to contribute and how you think you can help. This will be made available on our website for the France-IX electors.


Please note that your application is subject to review by France-IX current Board before being validated and shared with the voters.


The vote is electronic and stays open until the defined hour on the General meeting day. Candidates who received the greatest number of votes are elected and announced at the end of the GM day on France-IX’s website.


What should I expect?


France-IX Board Members do not get any kind of salary, bonus or discounts on peering services. Only expenses during the face-to-face meetings may be reimbursed.


France-IX Board Members get fulfilled by their involvement in a professional eco-system of more than 500 members and their contribution to help France-IX to grow year after year. Actually, technical matters are rarely discussed during Board Meetings but instead Board Members contribute to bring innovation, ideas with member satisfaction, and more generally, ideas to keep improving France-IX performance and services, and finally they are the guardians of France-IX sustainability in the long term.


See the list of the current Board Members here.


Question, comment, concern?


If you have any question and would like more information, please contact the President of France IX Services:





Press release

on Thursday, 12 November 2020 Posted in Archives Rezopole

Press release



This merger will allow both entities to leverage their mutual areas of expertise in order to bring always

more value-added services to their members.


Paris, 14 January 2021 – France-IX, one of the leading IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) in Europe, announced it has completed a merger with Rezopole, the biggest regional Internet Exchange Point in France. This combination is part of France-IX's growth strategy of expanding to national and French speaking territories and strengthening its services portfolio. It will also allow Rezopole to expand further by building on France-IX’s financial, human and technical resources. The combined entity, which will operate under the France-IX name, intends to consolidate its position of leading multi-service interconnection platform in France with a strong positioning on the national territory to deal with international competition.


France-IX is the premier provider of Internet traffic exchange services – also called Peering – in France, offering public and private interconnection services through its carrier and data centre neutral exchange points in Paris and Marseille. Within a few years, France-IX managed to federate the key national and international Internet players on its platform and today counts over 400 members. On the other hand, Rezopole has more than 100 members connected in Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and offers a wide range of services beyond peering services.


“France-IX and Rezopole are non for profit associations based on member subscription, initially created  to build communities and services around interconnection with the very different players of the Internet  ecosystem” says Christian Kaufmann, President of the France IX board. “This merger is based on a  common DNA and will benefit both parties and all their members. 95% of the France-IX members and 94% of the Rezopole members have indeed massively approved it when they voted at our last General Meeting. This is a new step taken today reflecting our will to continuously develop the Internet community  in France”.


Toward an expansion on the national and French-speaking territory


France-IX has a deep knowledge of the French Internet industry and intends to share this expertise with  the entire global ecosystem. After having federated a great number of international players, the group indeed wants to focus on the French market and consolidate its French-speaking contents which are key  to its local and international members. The strategic location of Rezopole in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (Lyon, Grenoble and Annecy) is a first step towards achieving this goal.


For its part, Rezopole will be able to rely on France-IX’s expertise and infrastructure, its sales force and its solid financial position, and access the biggest national and international Internet players.


In the long term, the new entity will aim to pursue its expansion in strategic cities where the infrastructure already exists, as well as consolidate its presence in the overseas territories and French-speaking countries.


A multi-service platform dedicated to its members


In order to strenghten its role of leading multi-service interconnection platform in France, the merger will allow France-IX to expand its range of services by leveraging on Rezopole’s portfolio and expertise, which includes hosting, NAP, training, consulting and managed services as well as industry promotion. The  combined entity will intend to bring quality integrated and complementary services to all members, especially toward corporate enterprises and international customers. It will thus be able to best meet the needs of organisations seeking to optimise their costs and Internet connection as part of their digital transformation.


Franck Simon, President of France IX Services, says: “Considering our expansion objectives both in terms  of services and geographic coverage, it was today essential for France-IX to take a further step forward.  The merger with Rezopole is perfectly aligned with our growth strategy, which aims to enhance our services offering dedicated to enterprises and expand our territorial footprint while focusing on our real  strength, the French-speaking contents.”


Philippe Duby, President of Rezopole, concludes: “We are convinced that this merger is synonymous with  sustainability. It is a logical continuation for Rezopole who will leverage France-IX’s technical expertise to  keep offering its local services to all the members of the new entity, while pursuing its development on the French market.” Philippe Duby stands as a candidate to join the new Board Committee of France-IX whose members will be all elected next January, 29th.



To consult the various legal documents, click here.





Juniper France Hackaton on March 1-3

on Friday, 10 March 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole

Juniper France Hackaton on March 1-3

From 1st to 3rd of March the Juniper France Hackathon, organized by Juniper and France-IX, was held in Paris.


Great occasion for Rezopole technical  team to discover the Juniper system and their implementations of the RFC7348 dealing with VXLAN and the RFC7432 on EVPN technology.The theme was the network automation, the Juniper provided a virtual laboratory to the participants starting from vMX for EVPN / MPLS and from vQFX for EVPN / VXLAN. For the automation part we used Ansible accompanied by PyEZ, python library developed by Juniper in order to interact with their equipments. 


Thanks to Juniper and France-IX for this very instructive event and bravo to the winning team!




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