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When the manufacturers play the game!

on Tuesday, 03 October 2017 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

When the manufacturers play the game!

The technical team of Rezopole starts a phase of 100Gb equipment tests.


As a first step, this switching equipment will be connected to the edge of the current Fabric Ethernet and in the future will become the new heart of the LyonIX networks.


During the test phase, their actual capabilities in terms of bitrate will be tested as well as the interoperability of the various manufacturers' Fabric IP solutions.

Many thanks to Cisco for the loan of a Nexus 9000, Alyséo for the loan of an EdgeCore 7712-32X, Brocade for the loan of a SLX 9240 and Huawei for the loan of a C8860-CE!!





RUG 14 on December 9th

on Monday, 21 November 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

RUG 14 on December 9th

The next RUG (Rezopole User Group) takes place on December 9th, 2016 from 9 am to 12 am at the Rezopole premises.

This edition will be about traffic flow issues, particularly its most widespread protocols (NetFlow, Sflow, IPFIX) and the difficulties of these tools' implementation essential today for retro-active analysis, accurate statistics gathering, warnings management and automations.


- Breakfast

- Topics to be dealt: Inventory of Open Source prioritary protocols and agent principal programs, collect and treatment presentation

- Round table

Inventory and stake : facilitator Ronan Bianic (Rezopole)

- The differents version, differents implementation of prioritary protocols:

a) Cisco Netflow v5, v9
b) Juniper Jflow, Cflow
d) Sflow

- Details of their differencies and respective usages

Principal agent programs, Open Source collection and treatment available on the market presentation: facilitators Noémie Clémençon and Ronan Bianic (Rezopole)

- Integrated agents: Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Linux SoftflowD

- Nfdump/Nfsen ( demonstration as a supervision tool)

- Pmacct/Grafana

Round table :

- Participant projects' presentation

- Problems encountered during the implementation

- Elements missing traffic flow

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Each RUG gathers 12 participants maximum. Find more details here.

Do you have any questions?

For more information contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Aperezo 39 with Brocade!

on Thursday, 30 June 2016 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Aperezo 39 with Brocade!

The next Aperezo organized by Rezopole in Lyon, in partnership with Brocade, is going to be held on Thursday, September 15th at the AOC Les Halles de Lyon restaurant starting from 6:30 PM. Meet the Brocade team and the regional IT industry professionals around a glass in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.



Register to the Aperezo #39

About Brocade

The Brocade network solutions help the largest enterprises ensure a smooth transition to a world where the applications and the information can be found anywhere. We seek to contribute to your success thanks to our evolutive networks simplicity.

These networks must be smart, highly reliable and highly-efficient. They have to simplify complexity, allow IT departments to make easier to meet constantly evolving professional needs and significantly reduce maintenance and deployment costs.

If you have to deploy applications more rapidly, to reach them more quickly, to support them better, to eliminate interruptions and to ensure cloud services connectivity, you should move forward and adopt a Brocade IP network.




Aperezo 26 avec Border 6 et Brocade

on Friday, 07 March 2014 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

Aperezo 26 avec Border 6 et Brocade

L'Aperezo n°26 organisé par Rezopole en partenariat avec Border 6 et Brocade aura lieu le 26 Mars au restaurant Tapeo à partir de 18h00. Venez rencontrer les équipes de Border 6 et Brocade et les professionnels du secteur IT régional autour d'un cocktail dînatoire ! Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !



A propos de Border 6

Border 6 optimise la disponibilité, la performance et les coûts opérationnels des plateformes d’accès Internet haut débit. Depuis 2012, la start-up française développe un contrôleur SDN/BGP qui équipe déjà plus d’une dizaine de portails leaders du web : Rue du Commerce,, Mappy, IMATéléassistance...



A propos de Brocade

Les Datacenters évoluent. Cloud, BYOD, Social Media, Virtualisation... En 2014, ces innovations technologiques impacteront tous les réseaux d'entreprise : du plus petit au plus grand. Les fabrics Ethernet Brocade vous aident à relever les défis liés aux nouvelles applications, nouveaux services, nouveaux équipements et ouvrent la voie au SDN. Quand vous pensez Réseaux, pensez Brocade !

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