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France-IX extends its historical point of presence to TH2

on Thursday, 20 May 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

France-IX extends its historical point of presence to TH2


Since its launch in 2010, France-IX has chosen to host its infrastructure on the TH2 site of Telehouse. The presence of Tier I operators and the reliability of its infrastructure, guaranteeing 99.99% service availability, made this choice an obvious one for France-IX.

Since then, the two companies have been engaged in a trusting collaboration in which the development of the community of members of the exchange and the ecosystem of Telehouse customers feed each other. The France-IX community reached 100 members in the first year of cooperation and 200 in the following two years.


The TH2 connectivity hub recently doubled its connectivity capacity with the aim of carrying more traffic and making Paris one of the most connected cities in the world within five years. This expansion responds to the growing demands of companies to interconnect with their ecosystem, while favouring the localisation of their data in France. It is also in line with France-IX's desire to strengthen the resilience and robustness of its infrastructure in order to offer extensive, natively secure and low-cost connectivity to local and international players, and thus meet the major challenges of competitiveness.


The doubling of France-IX's point of presence at TH2 opens up an additional reserve of available ports for new customers, particularly corporates who are increasingly outsourcing their IT infrastructures. They are thus extending their access to the Cloud and hosting their equipment for a direct connection to the France-IX core network and have the essential infrastructure to connect to their partners (GAFAM, SaaS application publishers and other Cloud content and services).




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Source : Datacenter Magazine





France-IX: new PoP at DATA4

on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

France-IX: new PoP at DATA4

Paris, May 10, 2021 - France-IX, one of Europe's leading Internet Exchange Points (IXP), is moving into the Marcoussis campus of DATA4, a leading French and European data centre operator and investor, to optimise Internet connectivity for businesses. With this new point of presence, DATA4's customers will be able to interconnect directly to the France-IX exchange node, which, for its part, intends to develop its peering ecosystem.




"By connecting to an exchange point, companies gain in performance and have the necessary resilience for their critical applications while optimising their costs. France-IX's new point of presence at Marcoussis will allow DATA4's customers to optimize the way they exchange data to promote the hybridization of their platforms to the Cloud within DATA4's infrastructures," said Jérôme Totel, Vice President Strategy, DATA4 Group.




"Our move to DATA4's Marcoussis campus reflects our desire to address the enterprise segment, which is different from our historical members, as well as to address the demands of some of our existing members. By facilitating access to the Cloud, peering represents an essential vector for them to meet the challenges of digital transformation. This strategic partnership with DATA4 will allow us to pursue our growth strategy in France by expanding our network and our ecosystem," said Franck Simon, President of France IX Services.



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France-IX and French regional peering

on Friday, 12 February 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

France-IX and French regional peering

France-IX is at the heart of Internet exchanges: peering. Presentation of the company, its regional mission in France, its community of about 400 member companies, its activities, its projects...


(Re)Discover the interview of Simon Muyal, France-IX's CTO, for DataCenter Magazine.



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Source : DataCenter Magazine





France-IX and Rezopole are merging

on Thursday, 14 January 2021 Posted in Archives Rezopole

France-IX and Rezopole are merging

By merging with France-IX, Rezopole is entering a new stage in its development. The aim of this project is to capitalize on the financial, human, commercial and technical resources of both entities. This merger proves to be a very good opportunity for the future for both parties.

You can consult the various legal documents below:


France-IX Administration
List of members

Rezopole Administration
List of members


Rezopole parent company financial statements
Fiscal 2017

Rezopole parent company financial statements
Fiscal 2018

Rezopole parent company financial statements
Fiscal 2019

Intermediate situation
of Rezopole on 30.06.2020


Minutes of the board of directors
of Rezopole of 13.10.2020

Minutes of the board of directors
of France-IX of 15.10.2020


Absorption Melting Treaty
of Rezopole by France-IX

Draft contribution contract Value Report APA Remuneration Report






Press release

on Thursday, 12 November 2020 Posted in Archives Rezopole

Press release



This merger will allow both entities to leverage their mutual areas of expertise in order to bring always

more value-added services to their members.


Paris, 14 January 2021 – France-IX, one of the leading IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) in Europe, announced it has completed a merger with Rezopole, the biggest regional Internet Exchange Point in France. This combination is part of France-IX's growth strategy of expanding to national and French speaking territories and strengthening its services portfolio. It will also allow Rezopole to expand further by building on France-IX’s financial, human and technical resources. The combined entity, which will operate under the France-IX name, intends to consolidate its position of leading multi-service interconnection platform in France with a strong positioning on the national territory to deal with international competition.


France-IX is the premier provider of Internet traffic exchange services – also called Peering – in France, offering public and private interconnection services through its carrier and data centre neutral exchange points in Paris and Marseille. Within a few years, France-IX managed to federate the key national and international Internet players on its platform and today counts over 400 members. On the other hand, Rezopole has more than 100 members connected in Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and offers a wide range of services beyond peering services.


“France-IX and Rezopole are non for profit associations based on member subscription, initially created  to build communities and services around interconnection with the very different players of the Internet  ecosystem” says Christian Kaufmann, President of the France IX board. “This merger is based on a  common DNA and will benefit both parties and all their members. 95% of the France-IX members and 94% of the Rezopole members have indeed massively approved it when they voted at our last General Meeting. This is a new step taken today reflecting our will to continuously develop the Internet community  in France”.


Toward an expansion on the national and French-speaking territory


France-IX has a deep knowledge of the French Internet industry and intends to share this expertise with  the entire global ecosystem. After having federated a great number of international players, the group indeed wants to focus on the French market and consolidate its French-speaking contents which are key  to its local and international members. The strategic location of Rezopole in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (Lyon, Grenoble and Annecy) is a first step towards achieving this goal.


For its part, Rezopole will be able to rely on France-IX’s expertise and infrastructure, its sales force and its solid financial position, and access the biggest national and international Internet players.


In the long term, the new entity will aim to pursue its expansion in strategic cities where the infrastructure already exists, as well as consolidate its presence in the overseas territories and French-speaking countries.


A multi-service platform dedicated to its members


In order to strenghten its role of leading multi-service interconnection platform in France, the merger will allow France-IX to expand its range of services by leveraging on Rezopole’s portfolio and expertise, which includes hosting, NAP, training, consulting and managed services as well as industry promotion. The  combined entity will intend to bring quality integrated and complementary services to all members, especially toward corporate enterprises and international customers. It will thus be able to best meet the needs of organisations seeking to optimise their costs and Internet connection as part of their digital transformation.


Franck Simon, President of France IX Services, says: “Considering our expansion objectives both in terms  of services and geographic coverage, it was today essential for France-IX to take a further step forward.  The merger with Rezopole is perfectly aligned with our growth strategy, which aims to enhance our services offering dedicated to enterprises and expand our territorial footprint while focusing on our real  strength, the French-speaking contents.”


Philippe Duby, President of Rezopole, concludes: “We are convinced that this merger is synonymous with  sustainability. It is a logical continuation for Rezopole who will leverage France-IX’s technical expertise to  keep offering its local services to all the members of the new entity, while pursuing its development on the French market.” Philippe Duby stands as a candidate to join the new Board Committee of France-IX whose members will be all elected next January, 29th.



To consult the various legal documents, click here.





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