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Online appointment for RUG #22

on Friday, 12 June 2020 Posted in Archives Rezopole

Online appointment for RUG #22

Rezopole's technical team is looking forward to seeing you on Friday 26th June for a virtual Rezopole User Group.


This edition will focus on VXLAN EVPN architectures with a REX on the deployment of this technology.

We will also discuss public databases dedicated to peering and will take a look back at the traffic profiles observed during the containment period.


Useful information

  • Schedule from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • Confirm your participation before June 24th
  • The videoconference link will be sent a few days before the event





In 2019 Rezopole disrupts access to the HSBB!

on Tuesday, 06 November 2018 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

In 2019 Rezopole disrupts access to the HSBB!

Rezopole boosts peering with a radical new pricing model!

Rezopole has decided to push access to 10 Gbps Very High Speed Internet by introducing a single rate on IXP and NAP ports, from 1st January, up to 10 Gbps for all its PoPs!

This proactive decision aims to boost the Very High Speed Internet market by making 10G access accessible to all HSBB users and players (regional, national and international) working in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

LyonIX, GrenobliX, AnnecIX, the IXPerts of Very High Speed

The new chosen rate is €2400/year for the first port (IXP or NAP), an affordable price allowing Rezopole to guarantee a 24/7 premium service to its members.

And in order to encourage usage and redundancy, the following ports are 50% discounted, whether for peering (Internet flow exchange, CDN access and various caches - IXP port) or to access the Telecom Services Marketplace (Internet transit & Cloud + other services provided between members - NAP port).

Our other pricing conditions remain unchanged, you will find all the details in the 2019 price list which can be downloaded at the following address:




RENATER se raccorde en 10Gbps à l’infrastructure LyonIX

on Tuesday, 09 July 2013 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives LyonIX

RENATER se raccorde en 10Gbps à l’infrastructure LyonIX

In july 2013, RENATER improved its connection to LyonIX by upgrading its throughput to 10Gbs, meaning 10 times as much before, in order to favour exchange between Education/Research entities connected to the national network and Lyon Internet actors.
RENATER has been connected to LyonIX, the IXP operated by Rezopole, with 1Gbps. By upgrading to 10Gbps, RENATER wants to meet an ever increasing growth of Lyon traffic.


Interconnection benefits


«RENATER always aims at optimizing Internet traffic in France, that is the reason why we develop our RENATERix offer nationwide. By upgrading its access link to LyonIX, RENATER optimises therefore bandwidth and exchange latency of Education/ research community in Lyon and Rhône Alpes region" states Laurent Gydé, RENATER technical Director.


LyonIX evolution


Rezopole has set and operated many IXPs, meaning physical infrastructure enabling members to optimise and speed their Internet traffic. LyonIX, Lyon IXP, has two sites, situates at 10Kms distance for more security: the LyonIX 1 in North Villeurbane and LyonIX 2 located in South Venissieux agglomeration.

LyonIX has set equipments that can handle 10Gbps connection since 2012.  Samuel Triolet Rezopole Director confirms  : « The majority of LyonIX users begun with 100Mbps then upgraded to 1 Gbps. Now we assit to first 10Gbps upgrades, a proof of Lyon ever increasing traffic.



RENATER (National telecommunication network for Technology, Education and Research) was deployed at the early 90's in order to gather telecommunication infrastructure for Research and Education. The Public Interest Group RENATER was created in 1993 to achieve this aim.



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