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BGP Workshop in Lyon on March 13th & 14th!

Last days to register to the next BGP Workshop that will be held on March 13th and 14th, 2016 at the Rezopole premises! Learn the basics and master one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet for an efficient peering!


The Rezopole BGP Workshop presents the routing BGP, the founding protocol of Internet, necessary to use Internet on an IXP, the concepts of peering and Route Servers. The workshop also explains the setup techniques to announce and filter networks, both in IPv4 and IPv6.


Train your technical team on BGP protocol:

Tariff for 2000 € (Ex-VAT) for 2 persons during 2 days (we offer lunch)


Do you want to participate? Just send us email.

The registration closing date is on March 8th, 2017.


  • IP Reminders/Routing
  • VM and Quagga
  • Cisco Reminders
  • The first sessions configuration
  • Simple Filtering
  • BGP Session in FULL Table
  • Configuration with IP public adresses
  • 1 filtre out on the announced IP                      
  • 1 route-map in deny
  • 1 route-map weight
  • Documentation community
  • 1 route-map community
  • IPv6 Context and goals
  • BGP IPv6 Sessions
  • Optionally: What changes between V4 et V6 !
    To implement V6 et continue to ensure V4.                        

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