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Workshop BGP is sold-out!

Thanks to all those who have joined the Whorkshop BGP which takes place on October, 3rd & 4th at the Rezopole premises!


See you soon, stay connected!


  • IP Reminders/Routing
  • VM and Quagga
  • Cisco Reminders
  • The first sessions configuration
  • Simple Filtering
  • BGP Session in FULL Table
  • Configuration with IP public adresses
  • 1 filtre out on the announced IP                      
  • 1 route-map in deny
  • 1 route-map weight
  • Documentation community
  • 1 route-map community
  • IPv6 Context and goals
  • BGP IPv6 Sessions
  • Optionally: What changes between V4 et V6 !
    To implement V6 et continue to ensure V4.              



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