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Top countries in the world with the highest data rates

The Speedtest publishing company has just published the latest edition of the ranking of countries with the highest fixed and mobile speeds. The first highlight of the study is that the global average download speed increased in 2020 for both mobile and fixed broadband. Average mobile speeds reached 55.07 Mbps and 107.50 Mbps for fixed broadband, an increase of 59.5% and 31.9% respectively between July 2020 and July 2021.


Average mobile download speeds are almost 100% faster than in 2019, and almost 200% faster than in 2017. Similar increases were recorded with average download speeds on broadband.


According to the study, the United Arab Emirates came out on top for mobile in 2020 and 2021, followed by South Korea. China, Qatar and Cyprus complete the top five. Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia and Bulgaria also make the top 10 list.

For fixed broadband, Monaco ranks first, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Romania, Switzerland, South Korea, Chile, Denmark and Liechtenstein. Chile and Denmark make their first appearance in the top 10, ousting the US... and France.


In fact, according to the latest edition of this ranking, France ranks 27ᵉ in the world as regards mobile speeds, with an average of 73.27 Mb/s. As regards fixed broadband, the country does much better and ranks 11ᵉ place with an estimated average monthly speed of 199.68 Mb/s. It should be noted, however, that France loses two places and thus leaves the world's top 10 countries with the highest fixed broadband speeds.



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Source : ZDnet





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