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Rezopole organise son premier Aperezo à Grenoble

The first Grenoble Aperezo will take place on February 20, 2013, at Quartier Gabriel in partnership with Lasotel. After inaugurating the Grenoble exchange point Internet, Rezopole begins organizing professionnal events for the IT sector in the Grenoble region. The Grenoble Aperezo  is the 20th of its kind organized by the association, whose main mission is the Internet and Telecom sector development in the Rhône-Alpes Region.


Aperezo n° 20 subscription

Participation in Aperezo is for members. Informations and form membeship are available here


Rezopole events

Rezopole regularly organises Aperezo, cocktails, and Teldej, business lunches, in partnership with a sponsor which can communicate on its news to a target public. These meetings also give members the opportunity  to exchange, better know and create long term relationships.

To learn more about Rezopole events, please visit Aperezo and Teldej pages.

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