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New EuroGIX member: Euskill

Founded in 2007 by experienced engineers and "computer geeks", Euskill provides high-tech services to companies in the area of cloud computing (IaaS type), development, and Big Data. Click here to learn more...


At its inception, Euskill started its hosting business in the online game sector with its Myriapulse game server location service wich technologies, developed internally, provide reliability, availability, and performance advantage to Euskill against its competitors. It is thanks to these advantages but also to the accelerated adoption of new technologies, such as high performance storage system based on SSD drives, that the service was able to rapidly impose itself on this market.


This experience was naturally used as a springboard to the Cloud Computing. Indeed, the Nodilex cloud computing platform uses technologies similar to those for the game servers and the final user expectations in term of availability and performance are identical. This Public Cloud offer was subsequently declined in the form of the Private Cloud in order to meet requirements of companies concerned in maintaining a dedicated environment.


These innovative products, allying simplicity, efficiency, and performance, were adopted by thousands of customers throughout Europe.


Based in France, in Strasbourg, Euskill pays particular attention to data protection in order to guarantee for its customers a high level of confidentiality.


Euskill is constantly listening to its customers, and the company provides its services with the highest requirements. All the technologies and equipment used on our platforms are tested and meet the performance, reliability, and security highest standards.  


Euskill is present at the EuroGIX 1B02 rack.

ASN : 50535



Why join EuroGIX?

Thomas Schneider, Euskill CEO, explains: "In order to develop the Alsatian local Internet networking, Euskill took the decision to be connected to the EuroGIX Internet eXchange Point.


With our content provider activity via our Nodilex hosting cloud platform, it is our interest to join this eXchange point and thus to improve our connectivity to the local actors.


We offer to our users better performance to our network by reducing the distance traveled by the data between Internet service and content providers.


Furthermore, Euskill is ready to contribute to the development on the EuroGIX platform in order to make it evolve into one of the first cross-border eXchange point of the world Internet traffic, notably thanks to its strategic position on the French-German border, and thus establish itself as a crucial and essential European eXchange point".



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