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AS-PC: new member on EuroGIX!

Established in 1996, AS-PC is specialized in infrastructure, services, data hosting of informatics and telecommunication solutions.

Presents in the French territory and DOM-TOM (the Antilles-Guyana and New Caledonia), the company assists its customers in their process of modernization, consolidation and computing technology evolution.


AS-PC is the team of specialists at the service of their customers.

AS-PC is present at the 1B02 EuroGIX rack.

ASN : 47216




Why join EuroGIX?

Technical reasons:

"EuroGIX will allow us to reach our regional and local customers without passing through Paris or Francfort and this will provide two main advantages:


  • on one hand, a latency decrease, which will improve the fluidity and quality perceived by our services,
  • on the other hand, an increase of capacities, which simply allows to provide services that would be unattainable before or extremely costly".

Practical reasons:

"The Alsace has a strong history of cross-border region with a number of large companies on both sides of the Rhine. As for the majority of our local colleagues, our customers include some of these companies. The EuroGIX extension in Kelh allows us to offer them more effective interconnections (which don't follow the path of Strasbourg, Paris, Amsterdam, Francfort, Kelh to make 20 km) and also to offer them our services".

Philosophical reasons:

"Firstly, we are a structure organised on a human scale and we can't be specialised in everything and provide all services. It is therefore important for us to be interconnected with our colleagues in order to provide them the services that we are extremely good at and to use the services provided by them.

Then, the connectivity has become an absolute must. If we are not capable of providing a quality connectivity, there is a good reason to bet that within the next ten years, there will be only remaining in our remote region "network endpoints" or actors perfused by the governments.

So, if we do not wish to move to Paris or change our profession, we have to mobilize to repeat the LyonIX successful experience".


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