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Neptune Internet Services: New member interconnected to GrenoblIX

Neptune Internet Services, WiFi infrastructure operator, hosting and IT facility management service provider, is now interconnected on the GrenoblIX Internet eXchange Point.


"Neptune Internet Service Company is located at the very heart of Grenoble since 1995. We count on our team of 15 people to fulfil the needs and ensure the good performance of the infrastructures and applications our customers entrust us. We are present in several business sectors.
With our Internet Service Provider business, we offer connections through optical fibres, radio link, SDSL, for professionals. Within this framework, we operate for WiFi networks and Internet points for general audience.
With our hosting and IT facility management business, we feature in Grenoble two interconnected data centre. Our prestations are multiple and adapted to our customers' needs. Finally, we have a Web application developement and maintenance activity centered on Open Source solutions.

Since August 2015, we have interconnected our network infrastructures to the GrenoblIX IXP in order to reinforce our TRANSIT-IP capacities and increase our independence from our access providers.
From now on, the services offered by Rezopole will allow us to have access to a new support to the activities we are developping and also get closer with the Telecom actors within the Rhône-Alpes region." declared Guillaume Promonet, Product and Software Development Manager.


Neptune Internet Services


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Neptune Internet Services (AS60595) is present in the GrenoblIX 2A rack.

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