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The Data Center Continuum

The visionary trend of the 2010's massively positioned data center surfaces in Hyperscale DCs, ideally located in areas close to the Arctic Circle. At the time, only the issue of systemic risks seemed to be able to slow down this development.


But today the reality is no longer the same. Indeed, a continuum model has replaced this vision of hyper-concentration of surfaces, which can be summarized in 6 levels.

  • Hyperscal Data Centers are still attractive for mass storage and non-transactional processing. Their objective is to bring the best production cost, by positioning a large area pooling where land and energy are cheap.
  • Hub Data Centers are mainly located in Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris in Europe. These areas concentrate large data centers and benefit from fast interconnection between them. These areas over-attract operators because interconnection takes precedence over the potential of the local market.
  • Regional Data Centers, located in all other major cities, address this time the local economic potential, with cloud players for companies or hosting providers acting as first level access to DC Hubs.
  • "5G" Data Centers will be located as close as possible to urban areas in order to meet the need for latency required by population uses.
  • Micro-Data Centers will bring low latency during a high concentration of use (a stadium, a factory).
  • Pico-Data Centers will address the use of the individual, thus bringing a minimum latency and especially a management of private data.


Despite different sizes, the first three levels of these data centers follow the same design principles. Except that Hyperscal Data Centers are often single users. It is therefore possible for them to position more restrictive design choices than in shared apartments.

The last three levels belong to the Edge universe and aim to position the DC space as close as possible to usage. However, these levels have different design principles.

The installation will be done in an industrial way for micro and pico-Data Centers. The main issues will be more related to physical protection or maintenance/operation of these infrastructures.

The "5G" Data Centers bring a new deal. Indeed, they have all the characteristics of a "small" DC but must be implemented in complex environments. They are subject to numerous safety and standards compliance constraints being located in urban areas. However, the greatest complexity lies in the lack of space to deploy the technical packages.



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