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Lasotel accède au Très Haut Débit à Grenoble

Connected to Lyonix since 2008, LASOTEL has now access to the core of Grenoble Internet, GrenoblIX, and can meet the needs of its customers in Grenoble and Isère departments.


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About Lasotel

LASOTEL is a tecommunication service provider based in Lyon. Relying on its own infrastructure distributed over 15 operator rooms (Paris, Venissieux, Villeurbanne, Valence, Geneva, Grenoble etc..), LASOTEL provides connectivity and telephony indirect sales. LASOTEL is in all carrier neutral data center of the Lyon region (Venissieux MaxNod, DCforDATA, etc..), and can offer you hosting and date transport according to your needs. LASOTEL is also a network of over 150km of fiber already deployed in Lyon and the Greater Lyon.


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