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La commune de Modane se connecte au Très Haut Débit via l'Italie

The Syndicat Intercommunal du Canton de Modane (Modane intercommunal syndicate) organizes on Thursday, November 29, a presentation of opportunities offered by very high speed Internet directly connected to the larger Internet companies (Google, Amazon, OVH, etc.) in the presence of local authorities and actors and Italian authorities.

This action reflects very high speed Internet generalisation across the Maurienne valley and competitiveness creation for local companies.

The SCIM (Syndicat Intercommunal du Canton de Modane) with the SFTRF help and its Italian counterpart SITAF, have developed an optic fiber link between very high speed networks of Susa and the Forum Alpium in Modane.
A 1-gigabit rate is available to French users thanks to a partnership with TOP-IX, supported by the Piedmont region, which operates Turin exchange point.

Top-IX is also interconnected with LyonIX exchange point, operated by Rezopole Association in order to improve
Lyon-Turin Internet traffic for both regions.

LyonIX :

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