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JDLL on Avril 1-2, 2017!

The JDLL organization committee organizes the 18th edition of the Open Source Software Days on April 1st and 2nd, 2017 in Lyon. La Maison Pour Tous, Salle des Rancy and the ALDIL (The Lyon-based Association for the Free Software Developpement) offer a sharing time where all audiences, curious, amateurs and enthusiasts, meet.


This year for the 18th edition of the Open Software Days the theme will be (Dis)connected society, behind the transparency... 


Come discuss different issues such as:


  • Connected Objects: human mechanical software, when technology get mixed up.
  • Politics: when democracy get defied by algorithm, when transparency rhymes with security.
  • Conviviality: (re)Creation, Revolution, build and open, code and community.
  • Éducation: upside down society: Encryption, formatting, hardware or Big data, what is hiding behind these barbaric words?


Many events are projected for the program during these two days. You are welcome!

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