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IT: 4.2% growth expected in 2019

Syntec Numérique has revised upwards the growth forecasts for the IT sector in France with a 4.2% increase in 2019. The Chamber of Trade Unions was expecting an increase of 3.9% for the current year. In 2018, growth averaged 4.1% for the sector as a whole: digital consulting and services companies (ESN / ex-SSII), software publishers and technology consulting specialists.


79% of companies in the IT sector plan to increase their turnover in 2019.

With a growth rate of 3.3%, equivalent to that of 2018, 76% of NSEs expect their revenues to increase in 2019. They will benefit from high value-added services on projects that their customers engage in cybersecurity, cognitive systems, as well as on Cloud offerings. This development will be driven by the banking/insurance, energy and water suppliers (utilities) and business services sectors.

They are also 76% to expect an increase in their turnover this year from software publishers. This represents a growth of 5.8% in their market in France in 2019, which is higher than in 2018 (+5.3%). Software-as-a-service will represent 25% of the software publishing market, Syntec Numérique predicts. It is expected to reach €3.4 billion this year.

The most optimistic are the technology consulting players, since 95% of them expect their turnover to increase. However, Syntec Digital expects growth of 5.2%, slightly lower than last year (5.5%). This will be driven by process engineering and IoT services, as well as the transformation of industrial customers' business models.


In 2018, ESNs generated 61% of revenue in the IT market, while software publishers accounted for 22% and technology consulting for 17%.



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Source : Le Monde Informatique





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