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"Damage to Networks"

Interviewed by Pierre Col, the team of independent developers behind the "Damage to Networks" initiative explains why and how this solution came about.

The objective of this project is to enable everyone to report damaged network infrastructure (Internet, Telecommunications, electricity or gas) on the public highway. Indeed, once information on vulnerability points is collected, it is shared on the website and then relayed to the Twitter @ProjetDPLR account.

The idea of HPRD comes mainly from two facts. The first, the proposal of one of the contributors to create a collaborative map of the damaged sub-distribution cabinets. And the second, the observation - of these degradations by many people working in the networks - was of particular interest to operators. The development of "Damage to networks" thus makes it possible to identify damage in a transparent manner and thus initiate a follow-up of repairs.

If for the moment it is an Alpha version, DPLR will eventually allow operators to have additional eyes in the field. Indeed, the philosophy of the collective is that the tool should be accessible to as many people as possible: residents, citizens, administrations and operators. The approach is clearly a crowdsourcing approach.



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