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A guide for the fiber connection

on Thursday, 10 December 2020 Posted in Archives Rezopole

A guide for the fiber connection

The hot topic at the end of this year in the HSBB ecosystem: the quality of subscribers' connections to fiber optic networks. This is why the Objectif Fibre platform, which brings together the various organizations representing the sector, has published a practical connection guide, intended for "all the players involved, from near or far, in the deployment of FttH".


Listing good practices according to the (many) cases encountered in the field, this document provides "the technical recommendations applicable in each situation encountered and which have been agreed upon by professionals in the sector". The objective is to "do it right the first time" but also to aim for "homogeneity throughout the country".

The guide is addressed both to technicians and to all the actors concerned (principals, operators, engineering and design departments, training organizations or real estate actors) in order to guarantee the success of the interventions but also to prevent the resumption of work which can prove to be expensive or to be used as technical support of reference in the event of litigation.


"It's a whole ecosystem [...] that will be reconciled with a totally shared know-how," says Cédric O in the foreword to the guide. For his part, Sébastien Soriano writes in the preface that this "capital document represents an accomplishment for the entire sector towards greater harmonization and quality".

The president of the Arcep also considers that "it is essential for the durability of the networks that the operators reinforce the controls of their subcontractors in the course of their interventions". A reminder to infrastructure and commercial operators, who are currently discussing an amendment to their subcontracting contracts in order to implement this reinforced control, with the hope of achieving this by the end of the year...



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New reference system for fibre professions

on Tuesday, 26 February 2019 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

New reference system for fibre professions

Published by Objectif Fibre and its partners, this mapping of the optical fibre business has required more than a year of collaborative work. Developed as part of the Employment and Skills Development Commitment (EDEC), this tool aims to facilitate description, training and recruitment in this sector.

Expected by employment, training, companies and local authorities, this reference framework is divided into 26 job descriptions defining the corresponding profiles. These sheets thus complete the description of the job titles, the activity, the prerequisites, the missions or the development prospects.

This publication confirms the dynamism of the players in the fast-growing optical fibre market and the collective intelligence at the service of the France Very High Speed Plan. The deployment of the HSBB is a major challenge since it represents 22,000 job creations by 2022 with an average of 3,800 new hires each year in various fields.




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