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DC under the influence of the Cloud

Published by Axians, the DataCenter 2018-2021 study, Which evolutions for your IT infrastructures, indicates that data centres will be managed mainly in a private cloud mode by 2021. More than half will need to integrate a data management model based on a hybrid cloud model.

When asked in 2018, nearly 80% of CIOs say they mainly manage On Premise infrastructures and nearly one-third manage private cloud infrastructures. By 2021, this trend will intensify as, contrary to popular belief, internal data centres will not disappear. Indeed, it is the technologies implemented that will evolve and allow these data centers to operate in Cloud mode.

Although more than half of companies are aware of the need to manage data in a public-private cloud mode, only 12% of respondents have a project to implement a hybrid cloud solution.

According to this study, the 4 main current challenges for IT Departments are security (73%), cost control (66%), regulatory compliance (60%) and the digitalization of business lines (52%). The technology that will have the greatest impact on data centers within three years will be cybersecurity in the face of business service automation. On the software side, VMware leads ahead of Microsoft and Red Hat. While on the cloud operators side, Microsoft is cited first ahead of OVH and AWS.

For the majority of the CIOs interviewed, they remain the technical and operational guarantors of the infrastructure or strategy and innovation. However, new roles are emerging such as private cloud resource providers driven by SLA or hybrid cloud operators.

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