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Designing DCs for tomorrow today

How can we succeed in building IT infrastructures in a sustainable and perennial way for the next 20 years? What are the important elements to consider during the design phase?

Although it may seem easy to build data centers, it is a rapidly evolving industry. Indeed, today's rooms are becoming denser, servers consume more and more energy and are heavier. Modularity concepts are shaking up the market every month, the ranges are evolving rapidly to better meet users' needs....

This is why adaptability and modularity must be part of the solutions to these problems from the design phases. For example, choose modular cooling and electrical solutions, increase power and load during maintenance, design large equipment by oversizing it.
It can also be very useful to implement new Agile working methods. It is therefore essential to be flexible and adapt to these changes that can affect the project in a sustainable way.
Modularity is also an essential point during the design phase, especially if you choose an atypical location to set up your data center. However, legal or regulatory aspects may run counter to this modularity. It is therefore necessary to address these problems as soon as possible, as they often have incompressible deadlines...



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Source : Le Monde Informatique





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