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Why an association?

We want to be neutral because we work with private companies which compete and we cannot make profit. With the association status we can maintain our neutral position.



Rezopole is actively supported by the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Greater Lyon 


Why interconnect?

This solution will bring you Independence, economy, resiliency





Is it profitable for me?

IXP/NAP connection is not just all about money. However, you will spend less depending on the throughput and LAN to LAN costs. Generally from 50Mbps, you start saving money.


Is the solution only for Internet throughput?

No, LAN to LAN connection for Internet transit transport is transparent to VLANs, so it is possible to share this link by transporting other IP services such as MPLS, a SIP trunk or any other telecom services since they are generally provided with IP.


What is the interest of an ASN?

The ASN (Autonomus System Number) enables you to be identified on Internet, to manage your own Ip adresses and routes and more generally to interconnect with different ISPs.


Are there available IPV4 adresses?

Yes but not for much longer. The RIPE (The European IP network) which manages IPV4, IPV6 adresses and ASN, confirms IPV4 addresses shortage. Except from very rare cases, RIPE only distributes IPV6 addresses.


Do I have to chose directly IPV6?

Yes because someday, somehow you will have to do it. There are 2 prerequisites to deploy the IPV6: equipment compatibility and the technical team competences.


Why events?

For face to face networking, to meet and share experiences. And to better know the players and create business relationships.


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