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About Rezopole

Rezopole is an expert of the Internet, Network and Telecommunications industry with an activity based on three pillars:

-The development of Very High-Speed ​​Internet by operating and extending Internet eXchange Points (IXP)

-The animation of the ICT sector and the organization of events for
Internet, Network and Telco professionals

-Support for private and public players in the Internet & Telecom projects as well as the establishment of ICT services

At the core of the Internet industry

Rezopole contributes to economic and digital development of territories for Internet. Its Internet infrastructure allows cities and other regions to join the list of many cities with a network connecting different cities and regions such as London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Milan etc, which are actual nodes of the Internet connectivity.

In Lyon, for example, with LyonIX and almost 100 connected players bearing the majority of the Rhône-Alpin Internet traffic, Rezopole has managed to increase the performance and value of its infrastructure for its participants, but also to promote their common interests.

The activity and the expertise of Rezopole place the Association at the core of Internet and Telecommunications sector.

Rezopole organizes events and contributes to Telco projects of the local universe of the IT and ICT, in order to share the experience of best practices and build long-term business relations. Moreover, as a very high-speed professional, the association attends local, national and international events of the IT, ICT Network and Telecom industry.


Rezopole is a non-profit organization which avoids competition with its members in the development of new services or showing any preference towards a member or its business model.

The association does not intervene there where a business-type organization capable of meeting the requirements of the industry is present.

Rezopole succeeds because it is dedicated to a wide audience on a specific activity and because its neutral status has the support and confidence of its members and the Internet community.

Rezopole is an open association!

Rezopole is an open structure, defined by the sharing of knowledge and best practices as well as the use of  software source for its activities.

You want to meet us or participate in the life of the Association, do not hesitate to contact us at our events or at our weekly meetings!

You can participate! Just
contact us for the place and the date!



 Rezopole is recognised as a "Service of General Economic Interest" by:


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