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Plus d'ingénieures diplômées, mais les inégalités persistent

According to the IESF National Survey on the engineer situation realized in March and April, 2016, the feminization of this profession continues. The women represent 29 % of the qualified engineers in 2015 (aged 25-30), while they were hardly 5 % in 1973. "There is a strong growth even if the overall percentage remains low" - clarifies François Lureau, the IESF President. The feminization is also progressing in people's minds, the very large majority of engineers see a positive contribution in the management.


Nonetheless, a "slow feminization" remains very sectorized in the smallest share of the revenue areas. Therefore, "on average women engineers earn 9.000 € a year less than their male counterparts". Learn more on the 2016 IESF National Investigation on Engineers.

About the IESF

This company represents the Engineers and Scientists of France. Recognized to be of public utility since 1860, this organization federates 175 associations of ex students of engineering schools, scientific, technical and professional associations, a one million engineers community and 200 000 scientists, due to their diplomas and functions.


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