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5G: 1.57 billion users in 2025

The 5G cake should be a real windfall for all players in the sector. 5G technology is expected to generate no less than $13.2 trillion in sales by 2035, supported by IHS Markit figures. This study shows a $1 trillion increase in 5G sales by 2035 compared to the initial forecast published in 2017, estimated at $12.3 trillion.


"The profound consequences of these innovations range from positive effects on human and machine productivity to raising the standard of living of people around the world," said Bob Flanagan, Director of Economic Consulting Services at IHS Markit. In fact, the institute also reveals that 5G should generate 22.3 million jobs in 2035.


Countries will not be equal in the development of this technology. Head of research at the Telecommunications market group, Tim Hatt, confirms the emergence of a multi-speed world. "It will be a small group of countries that will lead the adoption of 5G and the rest of the world will follow". By targeting China, the United States, Japan and South Korea as the leading group of countries leading this new wireless technology.

These four countries will represent more than half of the world's 5G mobile network subscribers by 2025, far ahead of the countries of the Old Continent, according to the GSMA. The reason for this is that European consumers' demand is lower than that of their American, Japanese, Chinese or Korean counterparts.


For developing countries, it is the spread of 4G that will affect the lives of billions of people in the coming years. For GSMA, the combination of the growth of the cheap Android smartphone market and lower data costs in the Nigerian, Mexican, Indian and Indonesian markets will allow people to have better access to mobile Internet.




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