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The Internet Peering Playbook by William B. Norton

on Wednesday, 22 January 2014 Posted in Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX, Archives SaintetIX, Archives ADN-IX, News EuroGIX

The Internet Peering Playbook by William B. Norton

The French version of the reference book on peering by William B. Norton is now available for the french community and the Rezopole members. EX Rezopole's communication manager, Irina Trentea, translated the book and team members Samuel Triolet and Arnaud Fenioux have contributed with technical knowledge and feedback in order to make this manual as accurate as possible.


“I am very happy the Internet Playbook is now available in French and can profit to a new extended public. I strongly hope it will help the french community to better understand how the internet works and also contribute to the development of many regional and national IXPs across Africa. A big thank you for the LyonIX team who made all this possible ! “ says the author, William B. Norton, Executive Director for Dr. Peering and Chief Strategy Officer for the International Internet Exchange (IIX).



 This project has been supported by the ISOC and Google.

"We were extremely pleased to work with LyonIX to translate the Peering Playbook. Our collective objectives and partnership with LyonIX and other IXPs is to work together as partners to assist in the development of local Internet infrastructure and expertise. Funding for this project was provided by a grant from Google, and we appreciate the excellent collaboration all around." adds Jane Coffin, Director, Developpment Strategy at ISOC.

Purchasing the book


The book can be purchased on Amazon in ebook format or paperback.



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