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RHOVAL et Axess Online, premiers opérateurs interconnectés sur l'infrastructure ADN-IX

RHOVAL – CPRO TELECOM, an ISP in Rhône-Alpes Region and Axess OnLine, an innovative service operator, join ADN-IX Internet infrastructure in order to optimize their local digital exchange flows and improve telecom service quality, Internet, hosting, IT services towards regional public entities.


Connection benefits

logo Rhoval''We are happy to join the ADN-IX infrastructure and more generally all Rhône-Alpes regional IXPs operated by Rezopole. This interconnection integrates a comprehensive approach about the improvement of our service performance on the one hand. And, we want to promote sustainable development through local routage of regional flows which favor digital exchange short circuits on the other hand. This connection also enables us to propose direct regional access to services hosted in our datacenters and therefore propose to our customers direct access to international digital player services (i.e Microsoft or Google) or even regional digital players such as Cegid for accounting sector.'' says Davy Lange, RHOVAL President.

logo Axess''The interconnection to ADN-IX is a major advantage for us regarding Internet access offers (xDSL, Optic Fiber) and hosting. First of all, ADN-IX enables us to exchange more flows with various ISPs and major national players which favors our visibility on the Internet. Thanks to ADN-IX we manage to create shorter paths towards Internet, get more bandwidth at better price. The interconnection contributes to the improvement of our service quality and be competitive for customer offers. For us ADN-IX is a chance to be connected at the core of the Internet.'' says Cédric Lambert, Axess OnLine Director.



The ADN-IX infrastructure

ADN-IX is the Ardèche Drôme Numérique (a public initiative network) IXP. It is operated by Rezopole and exploited by ADTIM. ADN-IX enables players speed and optimize their Internet traffic.
''We are very satisfied with the partnership we have developed with ADN (Ardèche Drôme Numérique) and its delegate ADTIM. And, we are happy to welcome RHOVAL and Axess OnLine, the first Valence structure members. ADN-IX will enable all Ardèche and Drôme entities fully take profit from optical fiber that has been set by both départments. All local flows will remain local, whatever the access provider is, while before it used to pass through Lyon or Paris.'' states Laurent Alliod, Development Director in charge of Ardèche and Drôme.

Founded in 2001, Rezopole is now one of the major player of Internet and network sector in Lyon and Rhône-Alpes Region. Rezopole already operates many Internet infrastructures named IXPs: in Lyon (LyonIX), in Saint-Étienne (SaintetIX), in Grenoble (GrenoblIX), and in Valence (ADN-IX). It gathers 76 interconnected members (Telecom ISPs, FAI, Data Centers, public players and companies).


RHOVAL uses public optical infrastructures such as Ardèche Drôme Numérique to offer Telecom, Internet, and IT hosting services. RHOVAL is a CPRO Group associate. CPRO is based at Valence, employs 300 working in 10 Rhône-Alpes region agencies, for 10,000 regional customers.


About Axess OnLine

Axess OnLine, Axess Group subsidiary in Valence, is a Telecom ISP specialized in hosting with added value. Its customers are regional and national companies, from SMEs/MIPs to large companies. Axess OnLine develops many partnerships which enable it to offer complete services to its professional customers.
Its main goal is to meet customers' satisfaction through adapted, efficient, and progressive solutions with added value.


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